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‘True Orthodoxy’ is the name denoting all those Orthodox Churches today who truly adhere to the 20 centuries of the tradition of the Orthodox Church..


We believe that there is one living and true God in three Persons; the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that he was incarnate here on earth, and that he died for our sins and rose again from the dead to defeat death. We believe that Jesus Christ founded the Orthodox Church, and that the Church, guided by the Holy Ghost, is the vehicle through which God intends mankind to reach Theosis and Salvation. We hold this Faith in common with the Orthodox Fathers and Saints throughout history, which is consistently expressed today by the True Orthodox Christians throughout the world..


Today, we meet together to share in the Sacred Mysteries, or Sacraments, in a communion of the faithful which spans the globe; to Baptise, to hear the Word of God in the Bible and to share together the true saving Body and Blood of Christ in the Liturgy.


We believe that the traditions of the Orthodox Church are sacred and immutable, though diverse in application, and have been passed down to us by Christ himself, together with the Saints, Fathers and Doctors of the Church for our spiritual nourishment and salvation.

The epithet ‘true’ was adopted in order to distinguish us from other churches that are termed Orthodox but have departed from the teaching or practice of the Orthodox Churches as they have existed for two millenia. This distinction is necessary because, in the 20th century, many bodies claim the name “Orthodox” but have, however, departed from this golden threat and therefore have compromised the Grace of the Holy Mysteries. Thus, we affirm that to stand true to the traditions that have been handed down to us (paradosis), and our witness to the Faith of Christ’s Church, is what warrants being called Orthodox. 


We believe that only those bodies which do so can use the epithet ‘True’, and we are confident in the Orthodoxy of the members Synods of our Synaxis.



You will sometimes hear True Orthodoxy referred to by a series of other names such as ‘Old Calendarists.’ This refers to the practice of True Orthodox Synods to keep the ‘Patristic’ or ‘Julian’ Calendar. We oppose modernism and ecumenism, which has brought about great apostasy in the 20th century, yet was consistently resisted by the True Orthodox Churches. We are for the propagation of our ancient Faith, customs, and traditions.


Although we oppose Ecumenism, in the form is is practised today, we do promote dialogue, and invite people to hear the strength of our positions. We pray and hope that all those have separated from the Church because of the modernist and ecumenist heresies will, eventually, return to the Orthodox Church, which is represented by the Churches of the True Orthodox Christians.


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